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Nirvana Resort & Spa Koh Chang Bungalows Thailand Reviews

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Nirvana Resort & Spa Koh Chang Bungalows Thailand

Nirvana was a pleasant surprise - we had a blast staying there for 5 nights, and easily could have stayed longer.

If you are looking for a great resource and the kind of place with many activities and a great beach and / or party scene, this hotel is not for you. If you want peace and quiet, lovely gardens, beautiful bungalows and verandahs, and total relaxation, but then you're in the right place!

It lies down on the southermost tip of Koh Chang, Bang Bao, near the fishing village. Getting there was a fun adventure, too - a first songteaw the entry (there is a poster with the appeal as listed before coming to the village - download here) and then a short hike through Palmas in a red dirt road ... and then eventually the beautiful, lush and peaceful garden of Nirvana.

Nirvana Resort & Spa Koh Chang Bungalows Everything is beautifully decorated in tropical style of Thailand - the open, most with lots of teak and terracotta and saffron and orange cushions and chairs. The staff is very friendly and helpful, although it is very relaxed and low key, too, so you feel like you're in a private place.

The bottom is clean the pool and the blue-green, the roads through the bungalows, and even in the "rock walk" and "jungle walk" are gorgeous, and the "rock band" is clean and cold and incredibly refreshing! And usually completely empty.

Ah, there is also a wonderful restaurant in little more than stils quiet bay - they are beautifully decorated with an eclectic mix of carved wood and high-backed wooden chairs, candle fantastic. Very tasty breakfast, very prepared and served with love. (And it will put you on your terrace if you want!)

Nirvana Resort & Spa Koh Chang The bungalows are lovely and spacious, with large glass doors that open into the water or gardens, private courtyards with wonderful comfortable rocking chairs and a table, and rooms with ocean views, beach chairs with soft cushions and a personal little flashlight. Very nice. The bathrooms are very spacious, with a rock bottom nice shower and toilet area of the interior decoration of the rooms is very nice and tropical. AC and ceiling fans are great, too.

The beach is very small - and unfortunately many of washed up trash each morning Bang Bao (trying to clean) - so not the best for swimming but great for sitting and watching the water! And there are pools for swimming. You can also easily access other beaches if you rent a moped, or if you want to take a day trip to a nearby beach, the staff can arrange for you (us free! It is very sweet and nice.)

Nirvana Resort & SpaWe never had dinner in the restaurant, so I can not report on that. Tours of Bang Bao in the night is an adventure - I really enjoyed it, although I could see families and older travelers might not enjoy as much. Taking a small road that is divided into the dirt road through the outskirts of the village (and people in the yard), then around a small palm application, and then enter the village itself and the spring. It is only about 10 minutes walk or so. On the way there are iron crosses, barbed wire, etc, so be careful at night! It is beautiful under the moonlight, though.Nirvana Resort & Spa Koh Chang Bungalows Thailand